Entity Filler

Entity Filler is an upcoming data generator designed to enhance quality control, software development, and AI model testing. With its full localization capabilities, it provides realistic addresses using real town and street names, along with validated but fictional IDs like Social Security Numbers or PESELs. The tool offers predefined templates for various data categories such as personal information, finances, automotive details, and geography, incorporating elements of AI to generate data based on natural language descriptions. Additionally, Entity Filler enables data export in JSON, CSV, SQL Insert statements, and programming code formats and boasts the impressive ability to generate thousands of records within seconds, leveraging your uploaded database schema or object-oriented classes.

Entity Filler (coming late 2023) is a useful, realistic, and consistent data generator for quality control, software development and AI models testing. Main features include:

  • full localization (real town and street names in addresses, validated but fictional IDs like Social Security Number or PESEL)
  • internally integral data (ie all financial data adds up in transactions etc)
  • predefined templates like personal data, finances, automotive, geographical etc
  • elements of AI in generation (you can describe your needs in natural language)
  • export of data in JSON, CVS, SQL Insert statements, programming code
  • generating data based on your uploaded database schema or object oriented classes
  • generating 1000s of records in seconds

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